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Sept 2021



Colour and Cloth | Sewing Classes Belfast

All levels of Sewing classes and Creative workshops in Belfast and beyond. Costume design and making. Reinvented clothing and interiors.

Sewing is a lifelong skill handed down through generations giving an appreciation of how things are made. It relaxes the mind and soothes the soul. Working with cloth gives a hands on sensory experience, the power of touch, a connection.

By learning the essential skills you can make things unique clothes for your wardrobe, your home and for others. It can save you money, and also create many business opportunities as a much desired skill.

Sewing encourages creativity, confidence and gives a wonderful sense of achievement. “I made this myself” is rewarding and powerful to say.

Have patience. Be prepared to practice, repeat and persevere, because the rewards are joyful.’
Since launching Colour and Cloth from her home 6 years ago, the business continues to thrive and diverse. Christine Boyle has created a relaxed vibe in her colourful studio as she continues to teach the world to sew with colour and creativity!

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